The installation of ”Crystallit” window sills does not require special tools, butIt requires certain skills. To cut off the windowsill of the desired length, you may use the electro – jigsaw or a saw

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Remember to observe accuracy and work without applying a lot of pressure on the windowsill to avoid scratches on the surface and chips in the cutting area. The trademark “Crystallit” film protects the top surface of the window sill against mechanical impact during the installation process


After cutting, the ends of the sill are closed with decorative caps, which you may also buy in our company. Plugs are matched by length depending on the installation location and the assembling method.

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End caps for window sills have a universal length (600 mm wide and 700 mm with two drop-noses). The company’s managers will help you choose the cap by color and length. If you need to change the installation location, you may easily change the length of the cap on your own by cutting off the overhanging end with conventional scissors.

The lower sill plane has special “dovetail” grooves that ensure a simpler installation and improved sill fastening in the window opening..

Window sills “Vitrage” may be glued with “liquid nails” glue to the horizontal surface of the window opening, laid in cement mortar, as well as attached mechanically by screws on with a metal profile (corner), as well as using two-component polyurethane foam, which allows installing them in any purpose premises with any type of exterior walls.


After the window sill is installed, you must remove the protective film from the top sill surface (if all finishing works are completed).

If installation works with “Crystallit” window sill still caused any difficulties, our company specialists will be pleased to perform them .

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