NEW: window slopes CRYSTALLIT

Finishing slopes – one of the most important steps in the installation window. The correct and proper training of the walls of the opening will be left to the mercy of the masters of the window business, focusing its attention on the decorative component – the slopes of Crystallit sandwich panels.


A qualitatively new feature slopes Crystallit is their cover, which is made of Elesgo film, absolutely the same material that is used in the manufacture of window sills Crystallit. Thus, all the characteristics of UV stability, strength, durability apply to window slopes Crystallit. Using the same coating gives another distinct advantage: the color of the slopes exactly matches the color of the window sill. A glossy Crystallit slopes can also be used in ensemble with any glossy windowsills, presented today at the Russian market.

The basis of window slopes Crystallit are conventional sandwich panels, so they do not cause any difficulties in installation. Moreover, Crystallit slopes equipped with the necessary accessories – F-and P-profiles repeating decor. This simplifies installation and allows you to make the window slopes with a complete, harmonious appearance.

Crystallit Slopes performed in all major decors, which are presented Crystallit sills, so the choice of the buyer will not be complicated by. This news producer – the company “Vitrage” – provides office window companies demonstration stand with samples of the slopes themselves, as well as F-profiles of various widths.

Company “Vitrage” designed service sets window slopes Crystallit, sawn in manufacturing by size, ordering that our partners are the minimum loss when cutting and forming residues of unused material:
1. 700 * 1500 mm
2. 700 * 2000 mm
3. 700 * 3000 mm