Sales sills Crystallit accompanied by all the necessary materials, which you can recognize our products in window sales offices. If to you samples, layouts, rack and printed with the inscription Crystallit – it’s about us *!

Description Presentation
Booklet “Crystallit Time” with the presented samples of decors, matte and glossy. Пластиковые подоконники
A2 Posters predstavlyayushie combination of several decors with classic plastic window Глянцевые подоконники
Toolkit for Crystallit sellers Методическое пособие Crystallit
Layouts for managers in sales offices and masters at customer locations. Great layout size of 200 * 120 mm,
small layout size of 90 * 50 mm
Глянцевые подоконники
Stands Crystallit small and large Подоконники ПВХ
Racks on round and rectangular tables Глянцевые подоконники ПВХ
Rack for the submission of design sills Crystallit Дизайнерские стойки Crystallit

* The manufacturer can also produce any presentation rack commissioned by the partners.


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