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“Crystal” is expanding its presence in Moldova.

Today, our company – one of the leaders in sales of window sills Crystalit. We offer products that have earned a solid reputation among customers in many countries of the world. The successful operation of “Crystal” company provided the principles set out since its inception. Namely, the concentration of all the company’s facilities in the sale window sill, the preparation of its own high-class specialists and continuous improvement of production and management technologies.

“Crystal” is able to provide its customers and partners the largest range of species sill Crystalit and is pleased to offer a unique solution for every style and taste. All products sold by our company has passed the Russian and European certification, is made of durable and safe materials with the highest quality and environmental standards.

We value the excellent reputation of the company and do everything necessary to strengthen the trust of our partners. The responsibility of the company for all products supplied guarantee unconditional fulfillment of commitments on time and with proper quality.