ELESGO® –your health technology!

ELESGO® –coating manufacturing technology, does not contain solvents and melamine;

ELESGO® –technology that uses HDF slab with a formaldehyde content not greater than the natural wood (E1), and EXTRA SENSITIVE and smaller collections (E0,5);

ELESGO® –friendly technologies for children and allergy sufferers, marked by the Blue Angel certification
for environmental cleanliness
за экологическую чистоту;

ELESGO® –technology prevents dust floor, as coating anti-static;

ELESGO® –a technology that allows to use all types of heated floors;

ELESGO® –technology of coatings resistant to chemicals used in everyday life;

ELESGO® –coating production technology, which due to its transparency, retains the actual drawing and color;

ELESGO® –coating production technology, resistant to UV rays, prevents fading of colors;

ELESGO® –the only technology that allows you to make a smooth chamfer, imitating natural floor boards;

ELESGO® –the only technology that enables to produce a glossy surface with anti-slip properties;

ELESGO® –technology that uses HDF plate with sound-absorbing reverse surface.


Emission control
Sign ecological purity
Blue Angel
Continuous monitoring for the maintenance Institute of harmful substances control quality Certification ISO 9001: 2000
Tested by the Institute Medical Research Dartsch German Institute Engineering and construction

ELESGO® – Technology development

1994-2014: the pioneering work for your convenience, comfort and health.

ELESGO® is the most modern technology and high-quality products from DTS (surface Dammers-Taubert-Systems). «DTS GmbH» company was founded in 1994, the most important role in the foundation of the company has played a bold idea to manufacture laminate flooring exceptional strength and durability that meet environmental protection requirements. In addition, the coating had to be plastic, coating the surface of a film from a roll. As a result, the light appeared the first working title: “the glass of a roll.”


Later, for the new technology was invented and registered the international name ELESGO®. To implement his ideas Dirk Dammers, the current partner of TPA, all over the world looking for suitable solutions. Another partner and managing director of «DTS-Systemoberflaechen GmbH» Wilhelm Taubert since 1970 been working on the technology of e-beam reinforcement materials and has since become a recognized expert in the field of electron beam curing polyacrylate. In the late 80-ies of the last century, he developed a method to apply this technology to the manufacture of decorative surfaces, significantly exceeding all existing up to that time materials for a variety of characteristics. With this new technique for the first time it has the opportunity to produce multi-layer surface in a single process without harming the environment, which does not require a lot of energy and do not use solvents. With this technology, laid the basis for the idea of “glass from the roll,” Dirk Dammers and Wilhelm Taubert began together to prepare for the achievement of its ambitious goals. The first pilot plant was opened in Oberhausen, which were carried out continuous research and to invest in development. In 1997, the city Mёkern near Magdeburg completely new manufacturing plant was opened, designed to meet the growing demand, as well as to implement the next steps in the development of mass production.


As technical properties and abrasion resistance, as well as visual and tactile characteristics were significantly improved by this technology. Under the brand ELESGO®, received high recognition among the experts on the three cathode-ray systems with production personnel more than 50 people made a few million square meters of finishing materials ELESGO® year. Quality created «DTS-Systemoberflaechen GmbH» laminate flooring based wood composites used solely for the production of ELESGO® floor coverings from the company «HDM Holz-Dammers, Moers”. Also, these high-quality surfaces are used in the production of wall and ceiling panels.


Taking care of your health – our main goal!

When developing ELESGO® technology we were guided by two fundamental principles: security for your health and reliability. According to the German Institute for comparative tests collection extra Sensitive – it is the first flooring, formaldehyde content of which are far below the standards set by the World Health Organization. HDF boards are made according to the standard E 1/2.
Laminated floors ELESGO® – are products manufactured through a unique, international, patented technology. Cover and base are made on the technology without harming the environment, without the use of large amounts of carbon dioxide and solvent-free (resin hardens under the influence of electron radiation). This is only possible due to the fact that the entire outer surface is made as a separate coating. In the next process step the coating is applied on the basis of HDF. The result is unsurpassed in appearance, quality and other consumer properties of the floor covering.


Healthy house – is the key to the health of its inhabitants, and for us – the most important task!

People who are watching their health, paying particular attention to products that pose minimal risk to human health. Now there is a floor for the first time giving a guarantee – an exclusive laminate HDM – ELESGO® – extra Sensitive

Achieving the goal

Laminate extra Sensitive went from the winner of the test to secure the market leader for materials health

Once the characteristics of the product were tested pharmacist, physician-physician and chemist, all three experts agreed that the flooring ELESGO® – extra Sensitive is the recommended and most preferred material for the floor.


Extremely low maintenance formaldehyde
Soundproofing thanks latest technology
Antistatic and antibacterial
Protection chamfer impregnated
The feeling of natural wood
Rounded lengthwise chamfer
Feels good when walking

laboratory test results ELESGO® floor – extra Sensitive

Maximum allowable concentration for DFG requirements (German Research Foundation) Limit in accordance with the ban on chemical content requirements of “Blue Angel” mark The WHO standard measured value for extra Sensitive (under the same standard conditions)
MPC = 0.3 ppm Legislative authorization formaldehyde content E1 = max Formaldehyde 0.1 ppm max. 0.05 ppm RAL-UZ 38 Formaldehyde below 0.005 ppm is not determined